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Photo Hunt: Warm
20 February 2009

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Photo Hunt: Nautical
13 February 2009

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Photo Hunt: Bridge
4 February 2009

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27 January 2009

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20 January 2009

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Morning Dew
2 December 2008

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Photo Hunt: Wild
12 September 2008

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Photo Hunt: Strings
5 September 2008

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In the 'hood
2 September 2008

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14 June 2008

Recent Comments

saint3 on Small/Miniature
hey pls come back soon! your work will be missed

expatraveler on Small/Miniature
oh bummer! So cute and I loved all of your posts, I really wish that you would keep going, they are rather amusing to ...

lissa on Small/Miniature
I enjoyed visiting here, good luck to both of you!

AscenderRisesAbove on Small/Miniature
Thanks for inspiring us - but understand needing to move to other things. So much art/photo; so little time!

AscenderRisesAbove on Photo Hunt: Warm
lol - the best of both worlds

A. on Photo Hunt: Warm
A total contrast this week, and yet both so fitting. Beautiful!

girasoli on Photo Hunt: Warm
Great photos! I also love the contrast.

PastormacsAnn on Photo Hunt: Warm
Love these. So different and yet perfect for the "warm" theme of the week. That flower really grabs me - SO ...

Sabine on Photo Hunt: Warm
I think there can't possibly be two more contrasting takes on "warm" - but both are valid, and both are ...

annant on Photo Hunt: Warm
lurve da vibrant color of da sunflower... definitely warm pics :)

Brita on Photo Hunt: Warm
Great shots. Like the contrast at first sight, allthough one get's quite warm in outdoors activities and then ...

gengen on Photo Hunt: Warm
That is warm and it is a good choice for the theme. TC

Sassy Mom on Photo Hunt: Warm
Wow that's a wonderful contrast. nice take. Have a great weekend!

saint3 on Photo Hunt: Warm
wonderful contrast! i HOPE TO b able to grow a sunflower here.

lissa on Photo Hunt: Warm
feels like two opposites, I suppose without the cold, we won't know what warm is

Annie on Photo Hunt: Warm
Both are great photos (and I really love the contrast between the two!).

expatraveler on Photo Hunt: Warm
now that's a difference! I'm sure this is what both of you are dreaming of right now! It's the way for ...

AscenderRisesAbove on Seeds
seeds + spring = achoo.

girasoli on Seeds
Beautiful photos. Pine cone and ??

Ordinary Biscuit on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Very superb shots. I love it

Ordinary Biscuit on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Very superb shots. I love it

girasoli on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Beautiful and creative.

Anna on Photo Hunt: Nautical
This two pictures work so well with eachother.. :) I love the colours, specially in the first shot! Asome! Happy ...

token on Photo Hunt: Nautical
A really nice combination of shots for the theme this week.

PastormacsAnn on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Wonderful! I always love your comparisons. So cool and amazing photography!

Brita on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Awesome and beautiful!

A. on Photo Hunt: Nautical
I never ceases to amaze me how these parallels work out! I just KNOW that the charts, compass and waterproofs are from ...

bing on Photo Hunt: Nautical
i love the first photo!

julie on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Ahhh, wonderful photos :) The other one is what you see inside the other photo HVD to you both :)

Pat on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Awesome shots!! Happy Weekend.

Annie on Photo Hunt: Nautical
I love both of them (and they work so well together). It does remind me of shark fins in the first one.

Randi on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Both are great for this theme. Happy Valentine´s Day!

Sue on Photo Hunt: Nautical
Excellent pics for the theme :) Happy Valentines day!

Napaboaniya on Photo Hunt: Nautical
The first shot is really lovely. Sails in a distance, yet for a split second I imagined them as fins of sharks :P Happy ...

lissa on Photo Hunt: Nautical
perfect pairing! it's like the objects on the right belongs to the ship on the left

expatraveler on Photo Hunt: Nautical
How beautiful!!!! I want to see the left when I visit Cali. And Carver, yours is so creative!!!

keeyit on Photo Hunt: Nautical
A very awesome photo 1. Happy Valentine day.

AscenderRisesAbove on Above
I ran across this the other day and loved how each played against each other; causing you to spend some time seeing the ...

lissa on Above
I like that both has the blue sky, almost look like the same color

AscenderRisesAbove on Photo Hunt: Bridge
very nice. i was just looking at carvers bridges and came over to see these. always the way to spend my sunday morning

girasoli on Photo Hunt: Bridge
I like the contrast also. If I had to guess, I would have guessed that the left was NC and the right was Calif. Good ...

A. on Photo Hunt: Bridge
Great shots, and I love that they almost look as if they come from the same point. I saw a similar red railing bridge ...

Biker Betty on Photo Hunt: Bridge
Those are neat bridges to walk over. I love it when I come across bridges while hiking. Have a great weekend :)

Sue on Photo Hunt: Bridge
Beautiful bridges! Nice shots.

Pat on Photo Hunt: Bridge
Both excellent shots! Happy Weekend.

Alice Audrey on Photo Hunt: Bridge
They are both excellent. I like the ruggedness of the wooden rails, the sparseness of the red bars. Excellent ...

Teena on Photo Hunt: Bridge
Such quaint bridges! I played too :)

lily hydrangea on Photo Hunt: Bridge
a lovely composition, collage!

Sabine on Photo Hunt: Bridge
great bridges - they complement each other beautifully!

napaboaniya on Photo Hunt: Bridge
2 different materials of a same object :)

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