About snap2days


We are sabine (from California) & Carver (from North Carolina) who "met" through Photo Hunters. We are friends yet we have never met in person; the beauty of this internet world! Our love for photography and blogging as lead us on this expedition. Thank you for joining us. Carver joined Snap2days on August 6, 2008

All photos before August 6, 2008, please read this ABOUT section:
we are sabine (from California) & debbie (from north carolina) who "met" through she who blogs. we hope you enjoy our photos from our ordinary days & our travels!

Photography Equipment

Carver shoots with a Canon A610, while Sabine Shoots with A Canon SD 750 (which replaced the SD 550 that started to smoke) and a Canon 30D.
The side by side is put together using Photoshop.